GfÖ Annual Meeting 2021, 30 August to 1 September in Brunswick, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

Unfortunately, the COVID 19 situation has a tighter grip on us than we had hoped when we postponed the last year’s meeting in Braunschweig to 2021. As things stand, the full vaccination of the population will take until late summer and the virus mutants are shaping the situation very dynamically. We must therefore assume that at least some of the COVID requirements will still apply in September. This means that, if an attendance conference is allowed at all, the lecture halls could only be occupied by a very limited number of participants and that a strict hygiene concept must be followed. Against this background the organizing committee and the managing board of the GfÖ decided to hold the GfÖ conference 2021 in a digital format. A digital format offers obvious advantages such as savings in travel and food costs, as well as increased accessibility costs, and the possibility of attracting additional participants by reducing barriers to participation. We are currently in the process of developing a concept for what we hope will be a successful digital format.
We have now re-opened the platform for the submission of sessions for the GfÖ - Conference 2021 for the period from 26 March to 26 April 2021. We cordially invite those who have already submitted a session to the conference 2020 to transfer your session to the Conference 2021, but we are also happy to receive proposals for new sessions.

If you are interested in transferring your session to 2021, please proceed as follows: Visit the «Call for Sessions». Click on your session title. The system will send an e-mail to the corresponding author of the session listed under "Contact" (this is the submitter of the session but not all other chairs) with the access link. You can now check and adjust all entries and the text and "submit" again. Only the sessions that have been confirmed and/or edited on-line by the deadline of 26 April 2021 will be included in the programme.

We thank you for your commitment and look forward to the GfÖ meeting 2021. Of course, an online meeting cannot fully substitute personal exchange. However, a professional contractor will hopefully provide a system making the conference a success nevertheless.

On behalf of the organizing committee
Boris Schröder-Esselbach and Jens Dauber (on behalf of the organizing committee)

50th Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society
of Germany, Austria and Switzerland
"Ecology – Science in Transition, Science for Transition"
30 August - 3 September 2021