Dear Conference-Attendees,

What would the GfÖ-Conference be without a party? – Yes, incomplete!

That’s why we’re organizing an online party on Tuesday, 31 August, at 8pm.

We have two awesome DJs – DJ barhockel and DJ Mr Gin – who will take turns in turning the tables for you. They will be joined by our MC Madame Bombina who will make sure that the party gets going and going and going and going and going….

The party venue will be Zoom, we will send out the link nearer to the date.
Zoom is a great platform to have an online party – both for dancing and talking to the other party people.
We’re already working on some shenanigans to get as close as possible to a real-life party. Over the next two weeks you will receive weekly updates on what we’re coming up with.

Joining the party is free for conference attendees, but we’re asking for donations for the DJs – details will be provided with one of the already mentioned updates.

For now, you can already submit your favourite tunes to this spotify list.
Please make excessive use of this - don't be shy - we really want to know more about your personal party style and also get to know you a bit in advance! The DJs will use your submissions to create a wild mix of tunes tailored to your taste, but they do reserve the right to ‘pick and mix’ from the list as well as their own collections.

If you have any questions or suggestions around the online party, feel free to drop an e-mail at: wiebke.sickel@thuenen.de

Looking forward to partying with you!
Your Party Crew
DJ barhockel, DJ Mr Gin and MC Madame Bombina

Teaser for download